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Most of my best ideas are accidents. I started this business as a small hobby sawmill. Just something to build some furniture and cut a little lumber, occasionally, for other people. I grew up in the sawmill business so the longer I spent with my little sawmill hobby the more it became part of life and a real business. People started asking to buy my waste for firewood and cooking wood. From that, we started packaging for retail firewood and eventually processing for restaurants. In ten years, this little hobby has grown into something I never would have imagined. My sawmill is no longer a hobby, but now a full-time job. Our firewood and cooking wood products have grown even larger. If you have purchased bundled firewood in the Southeast or eaten at a restaurant in the Southeast with a woodfired menu or had a woodfired pizza oven there is a very good chance that the wood it was cooked on or the firewood you purchased under a different label came from our facility. Now we want to bring the quality cooking wood that serves chefs all over the Southeast to individuals at home who want a little real wood flavor or have built their own personal brick pizza oven. The retailers we have served and the chefs we have served over the last ten years are very precise in what they want and the quality they desire. This business has been built to serve some of the most demanding retailers and discerning chefs in the Southeast. Today, we bring that same quality to the individual home and family. Whether you want to add a little wood flavor to your grill, smoke your pork, fire your wood fired pizza oven, or just have a marshmallow roast over your fire pit we have the clean, quality product for you.


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Our company strives to provide you with a way to bring enjoyment and high-quality cuisine into your home. We offer high-quality products at the best prices, so you can make and savor flavorful dishes in your own kitchen. On top of that, we strive to provide exceptional customer service.


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For questions, concerns, or additional information about what we provide, reach out to our friendly staff today. We look forward to supplying you with premium firewood.